References 2014

The best references of 2014 with the Demely species are :

  • 1e National Zone Tours 4436 pigeons 50% Demely Liliane (at Dorcas Vergotte)
  • 1e Provincial ACE pigeon Kl. Middle distance boy is 50% Demely Liliane (at Dany Lam)
  • 2e Nationalef Kl. Middle distance boy is 50 % Demely Liliane(at Dany Lam)
  • 1e against Tessenderlo 7491 pigeons; the parents are 50 % Demely Liliane(at Arjan Bacon)
  • 1e Isnes against 5093 pigeons is kind of Dbouk Liliane,….(at John Vasterink)
  • 1e against Sens 3703 pigeons as well as the middle distance Ace CC Leiden (at Jeroen v); CC Lead consists of 14 associations among divided into 3 Territories. Average 171 Lovers and 3178 per flight averaged over 7 flights
  • 1e Laon against 2102 pigeons, 1e Laon against 8718 pigeons(in the Department 9) with the 237/13 (at Mrs.. Doldersum)
  • 1e Isnes 2160 pigeons, 6e Isnes against 8478 pigeons and 15th Npo Troyes against North 1948 pigeons with the 865/14 also at Mrs.. Doldersum (Enrico)
  • 1e against 2903 pigeons and 1st against 450 pigeons friend Enrico Doldersum

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