Stock building

Breeds Dbouk Liliane Moorsele in 2019 :

40 % Rad (A). and H. Passendale

Straight from the :

  • “Gale” : Super kite and super breeder in the loft of Rad
  • “Flash”: Super pigeon and father of “Favori”, “Emperor”, “Figo”; 3 Prov. Ace Pigeons KBDB, as well as “Small Figo” that father is of the 2 Super pigeons “Cannibal” and “Church Dove” at Bosua Kees,…
  • “Wendy”: Mother of “Super crack” and “Favori”, 2 Prov. Ace Pigeons KBDB
  • “Super crack”: 1 Prov. Ace Pigeon H. F. KBDB 10 x 1
  • “Emperor”: 1 Prov. Ace Pigeon H. F. KBDB 14 x 1
  • “Figo”: Super pigeon , 1 Wet. Bourges 2001 , 16 x 1,……


40 % Vlaeminck Hugo

Supplemented with best of best (direct) by:

  • Casaert M. and G., Néchin(straight out and line of the Nasdaq,1 Wet. Souillac and super breeder)
  • Ally Norbert, Aarsele (RAS Vitaly g.),
  • Kabi G. and (D)., Ooigem,
  • Hebberecht Chris, Evergem,
  • Freddy Vandenheede, Zingem
  • Johan Vandamme Dendermonde
  • Aelbrecht Marcel Lebbeke
  • Norman Filip Knokke-Heist
  • Hana P. and (D). Wortegem-Petegem

Apologies for if we someone forgot to mention.

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